Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Woody Goes Back To School"

Yes it true ! Woody proves it is never to late to learn something new. Take a gander below; Woody on day one of   " Boarding School"  I was not sure what to expect, as it has been a while since Woody has been involved in the college invirament but no problem; as you can surely see  " Woody was  perfectly at peace in his new invirament!"       - Woody was a bit nervous but just like a fish in swimming class - Boarding and Woody were a natural !
                                                             Woody 1st class (below)
      Yes Woody 1st night class   " Boarding 101" Let the Fun Begin!  I must admit it took Big Woody a minute or two to get his boarding legs under him ( good thing for the light pole) but sure as shootin foul shots or riding a bike ; within minutes Woody was "In the Flow) !
     Woody  feeling "On Top of His Game" decided to skip, the beginning of class #2  and  take advantage of his "New Student Credentials" and check out the books over at Library . Yes it was quite the event to Woody's New College Classmates and yes it raised a few eyebrows as Big Woody boarded right on over !                                                                            
Needless to say ;Big Woody was leaving his mark. Most of the students were having a great time watching Woody fly around campus.I must admit ; I think I was getting a bit full of myself and may have jumped the gun a bit when I told the instructor that I was ready to "Ride the Stairs" but you know one of Woodys sayings; "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" So even though a bit scary - Woody said "Bring it On"!
        Yes you guessed it after 2 classes Woody was carrying an A average. Things were going so good that when the Instructure asked "Is anybody up for free styln" Woody was the 1st one to raise his hand. So the Professor   (probably trying to teach Woody a little humility sd. Lets try "The Wall "  Woody sucked it up and as you can see to your left - "Woody took on "The Wall"!  Big Woody was gettin a little winded and more than a little hungry  so you guessed it . Woody being the Big Spender that he is decided that He and Mrs Woody should get a bite to eat!
                                                                    So over to the Hoot and Scoot they headed for a night of fine dinin!                                                                   
Big Woody not being as young as He once was decided not to hang out with the rest of the class as it was creepin on 7:00pm & he was plum tuckered out plus Final Exams were fast approaching for this Super Cramned Course so at Mrs. Woody's incouraging he decided to call it a night, plus he wanted to bring his A+ game to  the "Finals" ! The Big Day had come ( pics below )  
As you can see Woody and the other "Boarders" were all smiles before Instructure passed out the Final Exam !    Well , Woody thinks he did OK on it but there were a couple of tough questions like what is the absolute best lubricant to use on titanium bearings, and who was the best in USA in 1999 in Free-stylin ? But all in all Woody is confident ; as they say " Time will Tell " !  Well Big Woody just received his final grade and well   YES it was an A+ plus Woody was voted as "Most Likely To Succeed"   All in All  just like those New England Patriots , Big Woody just keeps right on Rolling Along!

                                                                    Merry Christmas   from Mr & Mrs Woody
PS      Woody has decided to share his talents so he is tutoring his best friend on all that he has learned at Keene State College - Boarding 101    ( pic below)
Ta ta for now.  Big Woodys got to oil his boards !!!      :)                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The Calm Before The Storm"

Tiss the slow season on the Mountain - while should I say the  " Time to catch your breath Season ". It has been nice; pretty quite; except for the middle of the night health care phone-calls and numerous trips to Doctors and ER..  Mr & Mrs Woody have gotten a bunch of bike rides & numerous walks in several locations. It has been really a beautiful mild fall season one to cherish & enjoy cuz winter is coming! Those smiles that you see on our faces; hopefully will still be there in Mid Febuary ( after back to back blizzards & shoveling the driveway,roofs,&deck) tiss the season to be jolly!
While next week is Thanksgiving and thus; inevibally life will speed up! In an attempt to keep the pace  somewhat under control Mr & Mrs Woody have decided to do Thanksgiving Dinner out this year - The Summit - should be an exciting change of pace! Woody will keep you posted on things.( such as menu - People in attendance; etc. ) Thanksgiving this year will have us somewhat scattered about as not all will be able to attend to proceedings at the  Summit but allas such is life !  Our local teams  Patriots & Celtics are off to great starts and both will be hard to beat come playoff time. Pats have Brady & Celtics have Rondo both the best at their positions in their  particular  Sport !  College Hoops has started so we are watching William & Mary ( 0&2 out of the gate but after Syr. game, things will hopefully pick up) & of course N.D. scores regulary & lets hope there is some excitement ahead on both fronts!
Mrs Woody has started getting in the "Christmas Spirit" with shopping and making stuff & Big Woody even bought 1 present himself for lillie ( might not be able to wait & may be birthday present instead)!
In case you are wondering yes the leaves are all cleaned up & we have got the Moose Mountain ready for Winter - Mr & Mrs Woody even pick up each leave that we find on the ground as we are walking up & down the driveway on our walks! ( You know how Mrs Woody can't stand having even a leaf on the property!)    :)     Well, as they say  "Let it Snow"             Please -  Not Yet    The
Woody Files will return after Turkey Day              Bye Bye for Now !
                                                      Woody     :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mr & Mrs Woody under the Dome

Well we left the Mountain ! Last Friday we ventured off Moose Mtn. & headed west for the weekend; our trip started Friday morning at 9:00am as we got in the car & headed south on 91 . Less than 2 hrs later we were having breakfeast at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks Conn. & after my traditional scrambled eggs ( Mrs Woody went for the bagel ) we boarded the " Big Bird ' ( better known as the SWA 747 ) and headed towards the Windy City. And we did hit some turbulance ( Mrs Woody handled it like a trooper ). soon we landed & got our rental in a snap ( Dollar Express Member); it pays to be a high roller!
Got in and headed out on 55 street - all was going smoothly.   They had asked if we needed a map at the Dollar Window; Mrs Woody said ,"yes please"  Big Woody sd.  " No Need - know the Rte by Heart"
So off we started. I asked Mrs Woody if she would send one of the kids a text & she said as soon as we got on 90 east she would ( one takes that 86 miles to South Bend )  Woody again stated something to the effect that,   I could do this in my sleep!               You guessed it after Mrs Woody sent text she looked up & we were indeed on the Indiana Turnpike but Rt 94 not 90.    Woody being Woody -   Wrong Again !!!
But Mrs Woody ( who had gotten that previousley mentioned map) simply and calmly - explained how we would connect to our rt a few miles ahead.   So we got back on course & preceded along our way.
Woody was not going to let anything get in our way of a god time in South Bend. We were making great time - actaully all but erasing time lost for missed turn when Mrs Woody politely suggested that we were in no hurry & perhaps we should slow down a bit. But Big Woody was antsy so we kept on trucking. About 1 hour later sure enough lights were flashing and it was not cuz of construction -  You guessed it  The Woody Mobile was being pulled over ! Hard to believe but Big BuBBa was at my window    " Do you know why I am pulling you over ?"  Well Woody not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but  sd.  "Yes Sir - going too fast" he said what do you have to say - I sd. " Well usually I am a safe driver (a little white lie) but We are from NH & we are trying to get to ND to take a son out to dinner.     He sd. wait here please & he went to get the scoop on Big Woody -      He came back & sd.       " Warning "     Boy was I releaved as I was not doing so well on the 1st hour of this trip. Mrs Woody was again very calme with no " I told you so s or anything"

At this point Big Woody would have been a little flustered had the shoe been on the other foot! But on we went. We went over to Irish Row & saw the Sons new place & low & behold his appartment was in perfect order. We were pretty inpressed , we had a good evening & things were going pretty good untill Mr & Mrs Woody decided to walk from T Blacks to the Stadium for tailgatting before game. During lunch Big Woody realized mistake #3   tickets were back at the Blacks. (2 miles away) Fortunitley T. Black sd. take the Golf cart. While I won't even try and tell the story about the ride; I will leave that to Mrs Woody &/or Jason to translate how Woody navigated the sea of humanity to get us thru but  let me just say that it was Big Woody at his best!!!

As we gave our ticket to the usher and he showed us our seats the picture you see above, we are actaully standing on our seats.  The very LAST row at the top of the stadium; but NOTHING could dampen the spirits of Mr. and Mrs. Woody as they were sharing time alone under the big dome!

As always Mr & Mrs Woody enjoyed their trip away from the Rat Race & Mrs Woody was truely a trooper to put up with Woodys  Foolishness again  !!!  Till next time so goes the life of Mr. and Mrs. Woody.

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Deer Lillie Takes a Bike Ride"

Lillie's first bike ride with Mr. and Mrs. Woody
Lillie had apparently heard to many stories about Papas driving ability as you can see; she was holding on for dear life! Well that was how we started but low and behold as she gained the much needed confidence that each & every-one of Papa's passengers get (on bike or in a vehicle driven by Big Woody ) she relaxed & the fun started! I had ben given special riding instructons by Mrs. Woody for this particular trip; such as stopping at all red lights & stop signs etc. This is the start of the Keene Bike Path. Well within minutes Lillie had gotten completely comfortable with Big Woody Talents not only as a professional bike driver but also as a certified tour guide. She was all smiles within minutes & started kicking ; which might have bothered 99% of drivers but not the "New Woody" we just referred back to chapter #1 in the "Woody Learning To Be Nice Book" and took it in stride! This also toke Mr & Mrs Woody back in time - kinda like a time machine. Back to a time many moons ago when Big Woody parted his hair in the middle & wore a bandana and the Woodys would put the little one on the back of the bike & brings snacks & head out for the afternoon along with Kelly on a long bike ride. So long that we had to bring bungie cords so that when "The Penster fell asleep we could tie her more upright in the seat so as her neck wouldn't snap to much on the bumps! One time we went so far &it was so hot that Kelly finally collaped ( heat exustion ) that we had to stop & find her water & then walk after she recovered enough! Well Lillie's trip was not as long but it was sure enjoyable as she loved being out & about and she seemed fasinated by the experience - as a matter of fact I do believe that she probably has inherited the I luv bike gene along with some others as she seemed to enjoy it just like we were riding to the store at Fork Md or the Penny Candy  Store in Emerald Island or Maine! As a matter of fact we decided in honor of the kids we would stop at the Ye Goodie Shop & get a large non-parrel. And yes Lillie did enjoy that part also. The only part she didn't seem to really like was when it ended! But I told her that because of the Bike Gene she would be doing a lot more of this.  we got to see several dogs & birds and runners & many people going about their daily lives & Lillie seemed to like the exillerating feeling of buzzing along and actually going faster than most animals & people were going! All in all I am not sure if Lillie liked it more or Mr & Mrs Woody liked the experiance or the memories it brought back but in any case it was surely an enjoyable experience for all !  Take a look at her face after she got used to it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Black Beauty visits Moose Mtn."

Well it happened oh so suddenly; as most great momments do. Let me explain, I was up in the bedroom, changing for my annual Kurn Hattin business meeting ( deciding on which of my huge selection of dress pants to wear) & handling a real estate call , when I turned to go back to my closet when out the window I saw it just stepping out from the woods unto the lawn ( far corner back yard) between the well cap & the last bird house. Yes you have guessed it;  It was "Black Beauty" no not the horse but in fact an Unbelivable big black bear ! AS soon as I saw it he must have sensed "Big Woody" ; and who knows maybe the woodchucks have been a talkin as there has not been a woody sighting in 6 weeks on the Mtn. but back to the "Main Event" For whatever reason he decided to show off & show Big Woody that there would be no shooting of any kind ( camera or gun ). Big Woody yelled to Mrs Woody ( in school room) & she was able to enjoy the event as well!
A couple of things really stick out vividly from this incounter with " Black Beauty "
1) This bear was the most gorgeous shade of black that you can imagine black as black could be & its coat was shiny, almost alluminating.   and
2) This bear was taking no chances that Big Woody was in a foul mood ( obviously hasn't been keeping up with the blog - Woody trying to be nice )!  or maybe it thought that I was sitting with gun loaded & waiting in the wings!      But back to point #2 - This bear could run - he decided to book it & put on a show. He certainly did as he looked like he was shot from a canon!  Reminded me of the line from - Sugarlands  " Twice The Speed of Life " CD  you know the one about         'all you see is   arses & elbows' ( enough of the racy stuff Lillie might be reading this.   
Horse Racing has a saying " The fastest 2 min in sports  "  while " Black Beauty " certainly reflected that & then some. Well needless to say the heart was a pumpen & Mr & Mrs Woody were treated to something special on the Mtn.     

Closing Thoughts on "The Event"  Just like that day in Sept 1967 when Rico caught the little pop up & the Red Sox     won the pennant     I will remember Sept 22, 2010 when Black Beauty decided to put on a private show for Mr & Mrs Woody in the Thearter known as Moose Mtn.
Who knows what today will bring!
                                                              Ta Ta 4 now,
                                                                                     Big Woody

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Big Woody - Has Been Wicked Busy"

Just a quick shout out to all the Woody Groupies out there ! I have been hearing some rumblings that some think maybe Mr & Mrs Woody are of vacationing on the coast, or just kicking back on  "The Mountain" but NOT TRUE - things have been going double time on 2 fronts.
#1) The Health Care portion of Woody's life has ramped up to the    AUTO BOND LEVEL (  Which 4 the non car fanatics - means  SUPER FAST ! Could not even begin to explain but lets just say  Woody is on a 1st name basis with ALL personel at  the Keene Medical Emergeny Unit & I do mean all employees. As a matter of fact I received a phone call from a security cop late yesterday afternoon : wandering if everything was alright cuz he hadn't seen me since 10:00 am .
                                                 And Remember Woody the Real Estate Guru  
#2) R. E.    while somehow we managed to put 2 things under contract yesterday & get 2 listings and still find time for a social function at Locust Lane last night! 2 say that Big Woody has been on the "Fast Track" would be an understatement!

                                               But All Is NOt Lost
#3) Mrs. Woody has been there to keep everthing comming up rosses! Even though she has been on the same track   ( differant circumstances ) - BUT ALAS  -  IT IS DATE NIGHT  ON THE MOUNTAIN !!!

               ALL IS WELL             ta ta 4 now !                                 Woody :)

                                            Heard the Sun might come out later today!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jamie Lou - Better known as "The Winner"

Yes it is offical Jamie has been declared winner of the "Turkey Day Menu" contest.
After much time & deliberation she choose 42 TD passes & the final results were 39.
Jamie easily claimed the title
; some have said she that they feel it was not a fair contest as Jamie had a vested interest in this particular contest ( cuz of her eating habits)  But I say "All is fair in love & war & diet ".
Concrats go out to Jamie & her husband Joshua ( he won't have to hear how close she came to winning)
And dont worry Jams I will be preparring the Vegan Menu myself on those steril countertops!!!

        Big Woody    :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Final Choices 4 Menu"

Things are happening on Moose Mountain;  Acorns are afallen fast & furiuos,leaves are changing colors, temperatures are adroppen! Big Woody thinks we are going to have an early winter ( so much for global warming ) ! This means that Turkey Day will be here before 1 knows it. So we will be posting the last of the Dinner Menu items today. Some of the Coniferous Quest have raised the issue that they believe Mr & Mrs Woody are playing favorites with the Vegan side of the menu; so in all fairness we have decided to be flexible ( a traight that has been standard opperating procedure for "Big Woody" ) thus we have added a couple other choices to the main dish . In the spirit of Fairness here we go



Remember only 3 picks to the eventual winner!            Below final 3 Vegan Choices.



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Contest 4 Turkey Day Menu"

I have decided   ( after much mental deliberation ) 2 go with my 1st instincts and go with a contest using the 1st week of the   " NFL Season "  as our vocal point!  Yes thats correct  " The Season" kicks off   Thursday Night. So take a few minutes & think NFL .  OK that is probably long enough. Here is how we will run it.

   1)  how many TDs will be gotten in               Week #1 - Thru the Air

in other words  the total number of touchdown passes completed by all the teams in the 1st week of the season!
  And even thou this is highly unlikely    in the event of a tie        #2)  the tiebreaker will be how many rushing TDs will be scored by all the teams in week #1

The Winner will be      " Crowned a week from Tuesday "   so break out those calculaters & slide rulers & email  me  asap    
Remember because kickoff is Thursday  Night           get your picks in early !

Ground Rules 4 Picks      #1)  All picks must be sent in Marked  Attention  " Big Woody "
                                      #2) Picks must come into the  moosemountain13@myfairpoint.net address
                                      # 3 All fans of  " the Woody Files" are elligable
                                      #4) One guess per contestant.
                                      #5) picks must be e-mailed before toe makes contact with football on inugerable opening Kickoff  this Thursday Night
                                      #6) All picks are final
                                      #7) You may get help from anyone or anything you would like!
                                      #8) Closest to the correct total wins.

Big Woody says good luck !       Above  one can see how long & serious I  deliberated  over the sellection process of    " The Contest " !!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Veagan Menu 4 Thankgiving"

As mentioned in the last blog ( refer back, if one is experiancing memmory issues) Big Woody will post some items, they will be numbers as follows; #1), #2), #3) etc.  The winner of the contest will get to pick 3 items from the Veagan Side of things. Veagan Loosers well ( I have got to try & say in nicely - again refer back if need be) pack a cooler & bring it to "The Mtn." on "Turkey Day" -  good thing I'm being nice :)
Next post I will explain the rules of the contest. Let me wish everyone good luck right up front as I don't want there to be any hard feelings but in serious competitive cases ( with so much at stake) there probably will be someone who feels slighted !!!     Such is Life         Below are the August selections for the November Feast!       #1) Pumkin above   Big Woody had problems with layout.
                      #2) Turnip

                                                           #3) U guessed it Vegean  Eye Of The Round
Ta Ta  4 Now  !    Woody  :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Turkey Day Fast Approaching"

Yes even thou the forcast calls for it to reach 90 decrees on Moose Mountain not only today but Mon.-Tues.&Wed. also - Thanksgiving will be here before 1 knows it. Thus Big Woody says even thou it might not be quit time to set the table - we should start getting mentally prepared for the festivities. I believe that Mr & Mrs Woody will not be travelling this year so Big Woody has decided to start keeping his (good) eye open for the perfect bird. I thought maybe I would run a contest and the winner could pick out the specimen from the group of pictures that will be posted periodically on the "Blog" - I will number the contestants as follows  #1), #2), #3), etc. (hopefully everyone in the family can figure it out) and the winner of the above mentioned contest gets to pick "Their Bird".
I believe that this will put some much needed life & energy back into the late November Holliday! For those "Vegan Indafiduals" we will place something just as appropriate on the lawn & I will snap pics of those items also & randomly send them along as well; (same numbering system) this will keep confussion down to a minimum - The reason that " Big Woody " thought of the Vegan solution was he didn't want these members of the family to be offended by this program
Well I hope that all are as excited about this idea as "Big Woody"     
                 #1)  Left     #2) Right              Ta Ta 4 now as I got to get the camera out!.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Rack on Moose Mtn.

Well most of you missed it but there was a rare sighting of the "Big Guy" late today!
No not Big Woody but Big Bucky! Yes the ellusive 12 pointer was on the edge of
the back lawn enjoying that niece alfalfa in the back 5 acre field. Needless to say Big Woody got a little excited & I wasn't sure if I should go for the gun or camera. I had a quick vission of hanging that trophy rack above the new fireplace & hanging my trusty 22 woody rifle from that inpressive rack! But I went for the camera (or should i say, Mrs. Woody did) instead. We only got 1 picture & he was off & running BUT 1 was better than usual as far as Big Buck go. But don't be to disappointed as we will share the picture with you! I know that it won't be the same addrenaline rush as witnessing it live BUT it will have to do! We will keep you posted on Moose Mtn. Wildlife.

                                                                  Ta Ta 4 now;
                                                                                    Woody    :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Simple Things"

Random thoughts from the mountain!

 1) It now takes a few days for dishwasher to fill up  - now that Mr & Mrs Woody are home alone!

 2) Instead of 2 to 3 loads of laundry a day - now 2 loads every other day!

 3) Supper - clean up a couple of minutes vs. 20 minutes or so  this summer.

 4) Much much quieter on the mtn.     Wildlife is becoming more relacked & turkeys & deer are now out at  all   times of day!

 5) Mr & Mrs Woody are still trying to get used to the peace & quiet !   

 Big Woody would think it was perfect if lets say we could have everyone back maybe once or twice a week!  Now that would be Utopia!

Weather Report from on top of Moose Mountain High of 64 today, complete cloud cover & rainy. Almost a perfect day for Woody (except for rain)
 Mrs Woody is making her usual fantastic supper & will be calling me any minute, so ta ta 4 now.

                         Woody  :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Big Woody Tries Being Nice"

Sorry Fans across the globe; Woody has been on hiatis for a few weeks but  HE's Back:  & as you can see by the picture, Bigger & Better than ever! Or should I say ,  Happier & Nicer than ever?  Well I am affraid that I can not objectively say that ; so i will leave it to my adoring public to decide.
Well let me explain the absence of my blogging. I have decided to turn over a new leaf    "Being Nice" thus the picture of me with my latest book. And because some of these principles are not second nature - the reading has been slow at times ( some might say agonizingly slow) but Woody has been determined so even thou there has been clammering for a post I felt it was nessassary to get thru the intrduction of my nearest venture 1st! 
The old woody would have said that I needed 2 weeks to recover from the previous 6 weeks ( full house on Moose Mtn.) But the  New & inproved Woody will say that I was battling a mild case of depression as all the young had departed from "The Mtn." thus my heart was so sadend that writing just wouldn't flow!
But in either case   just sit back & enjoy yourselves & I will ramble on a few more minutes.
Not to sure how this being nice will work as we all know the saying about  "The Old Dog"  but we are going to give it a go. Well I think that I will get back to page 4 of my book, hopefully I will pick up the pace cuz I know you bloggers have been short changed lately, so pray that the being nice book will start becoming more lumminating & all-natural to Woody so as I can get back to a more normal blogging schedule!

          Ta Ta 4 now !       :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Moose Mtn. Blues"

Well things came to a screatching halt on the Mountain at 5:23pm last night as Deer Lillie decended down the driveway ( along with her parents) and headed home ( Williamsburg,Virg.) We rang the bell till she was out-of-sight but it seemed as thou I had just been ringing it to announce her arrival! How could the time have passed so quickly ! Neadless to say "MeMe" was a pretty bummed out as well. Things will go still happin on the Mountain but somehow it will not seem quit the same. Lillie added excitement,life, & energy; somehow it was more excitng to be showing Lillie the deer,geese,turkeys,woodchucks,planes,frogs,Birdeees,well most everthing. Deer Lillie loves being outside she is a true "Nature Girl" - I am sure Life will get back to normal & we will fall back into our hectic schedule - But - Mr & Mrs Woody will be looking forward to our next visit with the Little Firecracker from W&M. I will leave you with a few of my favorite pics from the" Summer of 2010"

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Twin Fawns"

Today Myself & Mrs Woody were leaving Moose Mtn. headed for Peterborough when looking to cross the road was a doe & 2 little fawns ( complete with all their white spots ) but of course   NO CAMERA! Also the Big Hawk was positioned  on top of the Big birdhouse for an hour or so this morning getting his full of fieldmice ( but again - I can not get close enough for a good shot )!
Weather Wise near perfect day on the mountain 76 clear as a bell, & sunny - with no humidity ! by near everyones standards perfect    except Big Woody would have traded the sun for overcast but as the song goes " You can't always get what you want"  The count down has begun for Deer Lillie to depart from her summer resting spot "The Inn at Moose Mtn."   3 days & counting.
The Inn Keepers ( Mr & Mrs Woody ) will slow down form a gallup to a troot - the grounds will be a lot more tranquil.          But  we                   Sure will miss          Pappa - MeMe  
Also today on our trip we were breazing along when my good eye cought a bunch of kids toys with the best words ever written on the side  FREE  .     So we pulled a U turn on a dime got out & loaded up the car. And continued on our way  pretty soon I  started  noticing a strange smell   ( so we stopped 5 miles down the road & placed all the stuff at end of someones driveway stuck the free sign back on it & continued on our way!     So Lillie went from a pile of free toys to       a Big Wheels that is probably a little to big for her but we will see when she gets up.        While ta ta for now.

Monday, August 2, 2010

" In Flight "

Well Jennifer & Lillie & Jamie saw 1 of the Herrons today & Jamie got a picture! We almost have gotten the pair several times in their nest, but it is much easier said than done. As soon as they see you they scadadal!
This is the "Empty Nest"   - So use your imagination - Mr & Mrs Herron With  Babies !  Maybe we will get "The Picture Of The Year" keep looking !
The Empty Nest -  Mr & Mrs Woody have forgooten what the Emty Nest feels like - As this Summer the Woody Cave is back to brimming! not overflowing as Dana Woody is in Virgina but the rest of the pack has landed and Moose Mtn is not as tranquil as it was ! Even the Wild Life has had to addapt!  But such is Life on Moose Mtn.  -    Till Later    -   Woody  :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Near Misses On The Mtn. Today !

When I got home from work about 4:00 I saw 1 of the Bigger Brown Woodchucks out back having a late lunch or early supper ( maybe just a snack ) and I got the gun but sure enough I didn't even get the bullet in the chamber & he was under the deck like 7th graders evaculate there class room during a fire drill! So I went to mowing the lawn and sure enough When I was doing the side bank ( on my zero turn ) Woody taunted me by coming to the crest of the hill & a swear it looked like a grin ! - Sun was shining and it was my bad eye so I can't prove it But I am calling it a taunt & am planning on taking the proper course of action ! Stay tuned.
2nd near miss, was tonight      Mr & Mrs  Woody went out on a double date for their " Date Night "
Jennifer & Lillie accompanied us. We went to my Favorite place Panaras , the grilled cheese looked like it was made by a 2nd grader but oh well - we did have an enjoyable time in Keene walking off all those calories  & bites of the formentioned cheese thing. I had told Jen to bring her camera with zoom lens for the Blue Herrons. On way they were out but  on way back.  BONNAZA !!!    There they were both in the nest Jennifer had camera ready but just like Woody they somehow both  " Flew The Coop " before we could get that ellusive  Picture Of The Year    but as we all know       There is always Tommorow! So as they say on Moose Mtn.           You snooze   You  Loose         In other words stay gluded to THE Woody Files !!!

                                        Sianora     :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silver Woody

There was a "Silver Woody " sighting early today. 1st time that I have seen gramps in a couple of months. He is extremely crafty & ellusive - thus that is why he looks like he is on break from the Woody Senior Center. He was 100 yards or so away over by the well - Obviously my blood started flowing! Problem - Thane ( Fairpoint repair man was sitting at our computer ) that has big bay window that looked out to were Mr Retireee was feasting. So I tried to quietly close the shade so that I could try & get a long shot ( without an audiance ) not knowing  Thanes feelings about woody  I decided to put the shade down but when I got the shade to half mask The old fart moved ( silver woody that is) like he heard someone yell "Food Cart " . As you guessed Silver Woody is still on the loose. Maybe Tommorow !!!

Cruisen on Moose Mtn. looking for  "The Wild  Life"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another 1 bites the dust !

        I know it has been a couple of days & and there are many waiting with baited breath for another entry form "The Woody Files " while waite no mo! 
        I prefer having pictures to illustrate life according to Pat - but cuz I am a worse photografer than I am a writer, or for that matter as hard as it is to believe a speller - I dont have as many pics as I would like. Occasionally thou Mrs. Woody &/or Jennifer help out. Each morning for the last week or so a Big Hawk is sitting on the big birdhouse on the driveway cathing his fill of the field mice ( since haying has been done ) but my pics - it looks more like a robin but for now you will have to use your imagination or the 2 Blue Herrons nesting at the swamp ( Until I get a voulenteer ) you will have to get a copy of National Geographic or watch Wild Kingdom if you want to see this type of beauty!
       But Mrs. Woody was quick this evening to bring my attention to the fact that a second generation Woody was out on the side lawn. Well the call to duty arose me from my newspaper & coffee. Yes, it true ,   thus  "Another 1 Bites The Dust "

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mowing is done till fall !

Kabota & moon light & we got fields done .
Exmark Zero Turn does the job for the lawn.
Today is Saturday & it is hot &humid on Moose Mtn. 88 as of 3:00. But with the fans & keeping things closed up, not bad inside. The big red tailed hawk has been sittng most of the day down on bottom of drive on big birdhouse cathing field mice from recent cutting. Will try & get someone who is better with camera to get picture (maybe Lillie when she gets up from nap) ? Blue Herrons seen doing their flyover this morning, not sure if Mrs. Woody has commissioned them or not. Maybe I will get a picture of them also but I know if I post them both in the same day my computer might be hit with a meltdown from all the blog hits that it could cause. Well I must run along & check my tempiture gauges as it might be over 90 by now! Till tommorrow remember "Keep On Blogging Along"!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Spending the day with Lillie"

Mr & Mrs. Woody took Lillie to the Friendly Farm in Dublin she loved it. she was right at home with the chickens & goats. She fed them & chased them around. I am now ready for bed cuz Lillie has more energy than The Big Woody !
I'm in Control !
Lillie really liked Baaing back & forth with these guys.

I'm surrounded !

Whats under here?

2 Beautifull People

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mowing on Moose Mtn

The heat abated somewhat today so after supper it was time to get back on tracktor & resume mowing the back 40! Was making my 1st trip around the perrimitor when I spotted a small fawn but cuz I didn't have my camera you loose ( sorry maybe next time) ! Not much else to report O ya this morning a big red tail hawk was catching mice in the new cut field in front of the house , I had Deer Lillie with me & she was very interested as she loves " Birdies " as one could tell from the Seagul pics in an earlier blog, but I refrained from letting her use the binoculars as I thought it might be a little early for a survival of the fittest leason. Well till next time enjoy your evening!
Ta Ta 4 now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 3 on Moose Mtn.

Deer having Breakfeast !
Trying to find that pot of gold!

Pretty slow day on the mountain today! no woody sightings. Woke up as usual about 5:30 to deer grazing on front side hill. Have been brush-hogging & guys are haying the fields so wild life are real easy to spot ( especially with my 1 keen eye ). Was gone from the Mtn. a good part of the day but when I got home just before supper I counted over 30 turkeys on our lawn ( Lillie was somewhat inpressed). Hope to have more to report tommorow.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Close Encounter with Woody #2

Mr & Mrs Woody

Woody almost bags another one ! Big happenins on Moose Mtn. / I was started down from the Mtn Top in the Passat & one of the older generation woodchucks started across the driveway at the sharp corner , I hesitated for a split second before I gunned it & I think I might have gotten a piece of his tail but woody got away to life another day! It would have made for a great photo shot but o well - all my followers will have to settle for a one more beach shot. Till tommorrow sweet dreams !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Woody Goes to "The Beach"

I decided to celibrate after bagging Woody #1 by taking some much needed R & R up at Camp Ellis. I would like 2 post some pics of the vay - k put I am just a novice at this blogging stuff! But we did have a very good time even managed to get the garage cleaned up - a project that was about ten years overdue! ( Josh & Jason helped also) We had probably the best weather possible as it was breaking all heat records at home but was very enjoyable on the coast! Didn't get everthing done that I wanted like taking Lillie onsome rides up at old Orchad or taking her over to Chucks to see his 3 small dogs but next time. Also we missed Danski as see was in Virginia holding down the fort.

Lillie constantly wants to kiss Pappa Moose!

& Momma Moose 2

Lillie was pretty excided with her trackball ability!

Feed the birds Toppins !

Lillie washing down her shrimp with some Chocolate Milk