Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mr & Mrs Woody under the Dome

Well we left the Mountain ! Last Friday we ventured off Moose Mtn. & headed west for the weekend; our trip started Friday morning at 9:00am as we got in the car & headed south on 91 . Less than 2 hrs later we were having breakfeast at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks Conn. & after my traditional scrambled eggs ( Mrs Woody went for the bagel ) we boarded the " Big Bird ' ( better known as the SWA 747 ) and headed towards the Windy City. And we did hit some turbulance ( Mrs Woody handled it like a trooper ). soon we landed & got our rental in a snap ( Dollar Express Member); it pays to be a high roller!
Got in and headed out on 55 street - all was going smoothly.   They had asked if we needed a map at the Dollar Window; Mrs Woody said ,"yes please"  Big Woody sd.  " No Need - know the Rte by Heart"
So off we started. I asked Mrs Woody if she would send one of the kids a text & she said as soon as we got on 90 east she would ( one takes that 86 miles to South Bend )  Woody again stated something to the effect that,   I could do this in my sleep!               You guessed it after Mrs Woody sent text she looked up & we were indeed on the Indiana Turnpike but Rt 94 not 90.    Woody being Woody -   Wrong Again !!!
But Mrs Woody ( who had gotten that previousley mentioned map) simply and calmly - explained how we would connect to our rt a few miles ahead.   So we got back on course & preceded along our way.
Woody was not going to let anything get in our way of a god time in South Bend. We were making great time - actaully all but erasing time lost for missed turn when Mrs Woody politely suggested that we were in no hurry & perhaps we should slow down a bit. But Big Woody was antsy so we kept on trucking. About 1 hour later sure enough lights were flashing and it was not cuz of construction -  You guessed it  The Woody Mobile was being pulled over ! Hard to believe but Big BuBBa was at my window    " Do you know why I am pulling you over ?"  Well Woody not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but  sd.  "Yes Sir - going too fast" he said what do you have to say - I sd. " Well usually I am a safe driver (a little white lie) but We are from NH & we are trying to get to ND to take a son out to dinner.     He sd. wait here please & he went to get the scoop on Big Woody -      He came back & sd.       " Warning "     Boy was I releaved as I was not doing so well on the 1st hour of this trip. Mrs Woody was again very calme with no " I told you so s or anything"

At this point Big Woody would have been a little flustered had the shoe been on the other foot! But on we went. We went over to Irish Row & saw the Sons new place & low & behold his appartment was in perfect order. We were pretty inpressed , we had a good evening & things were going pretty good untill Mr & Mrs Woody decided to walk from T Blacks to the Stadium for tailgatting before game. During lunch Big Woody realized mistake #3   tickets were back at the Blacks. (2 miles away) Fortunitley T. Black sd. take the Golf cart. While I won't even try and tell the story about the ride; I will leave that to Mrs Woody &/or Jason to translate how Woody navigated the sea of humanity to get us thru but  let me just say that it was Big Woody at his best!!!

As we gave our ticket to the usher and he showed us our seats the picture you see above, we are actaully standing on our seats.  The very LAST row at the top of the stadium; but NOTHING could dampen the spirits of Mr. and Mrs. Woody as they were sharing time alone under the big dome!

As always Mr & Mrs Woody enjoyed their trip away from the Rat Race & Mrs Woody was truely a trooper to put up with Woodys  Foolishness again  !!!  Till next time so goes the life of Mr. and Mrs. Woody.


  1. Haha - It is nice to see Woody back in true form! It was nice having a sweet post thrown in for that last one but these true Woody style ones are the most entertaining for sure. I am very glad to hear that you and mom survived the trip and didn't end up divorced and I am extra glad I was not along for any of these entertaining rides!

    (Oh and I am glad T. Black "sd." to take the golf cart and the cop "sd." warning!) Haha!

  2. "High roller" is definitely what comes to mind when one thinks of Woody. I'm glad you had a "god time" (with Brother Jerome?) in South Bend...and something tells me this unflappable Moose is somewhat fictional...


  3. Though unbelievable, Jamie, due to the overstressed week we had already had, Woody's mishaps seemed so minor and actually quite typical, yet entertaining, that I really wasn't 'fit to be tied' in the least by it....:) However, the drive in the golf cart to T. Black's and back was harrowing to say the least - I'm shockingly astonished we didn't mow down any pedestrians along the way. We had Corey, Cam, and Jason squeezed on the back seat of the cart, driving down the main road on the WRONG side to oncoming traffic, amongst several other unusual driving and directional skills that Dad used as he motioned to walkers to step out of the way or asked them to move blockades that were obstructing his pathway so he could drive through places we weren't supposed to... It was an adventuresome experience that most would NOT have wanted to miss out on... myself included :) xoxo Moose

  4. Yes. Dad stopped a random guy and made him move a blockade that was clearly in place to stop golf carts.

  5. hahahaahahahahahaha good thing dad's such a "high roller" and is able to get away with such illegal things--i bet those blockades were there for everyone BUT him