Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Woody Goes Back To School"

Yes it true ! Woody proves it is never to late to learn something new. Take a gander below; Woody on day one of   " Boarding School"  I was not sure what to expect, as it has been a while since Woody has been involved in the college invirament but no problem; as you can surely see  " Woody was  perfectly at peace in his new invirament!"       - Woody was a bit nervous but just like a fish in swimming class - Boarding and Woody were a natural !
                                                             Woody 1st class (below)
      Yes Woody 1st night class   " Boarding 101" Let the Fun Begin!  I must admit it took Big Woody a minute or two to get his boarding legs under him ( good thing for the light pole) but sure as shootin foul shots or riding a bike ; within minutes Woody was "In the Flow) !
     Woody  feeling "On Top of His Game" decided to skip, the beginning of class #2  and  take advantage of his "New Student Credentials" and check out the books over at Library . Yes it was quite the event to Woody's New College Classmates and yes it raised a few eyebrows as Big Woody boarded right on over !                                                                            
Needless to say ;Big Woody was leaving his mark. Most of the students were having a great time watching Woody fly around campus.I must admit ; I think I was getting a bit full of myself and may have jumped the gun a bit when I told the instructor that I was ready to "Ride the Stairs" but you know one of Woodys sayings; "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" So even though a bit scary - Woody said "Bring it On"!
        Yes you guessed it after 2 classes Woody was carrying an A average. Things were going so good that when the Instructure asked "Is anybody up for free styln" Woody was the 1st one to raise his hand. So the Professor   (probably trying to teach Woody a little humility sd. Lets try "The Wall "  Woody sucked it up and as you can see to your left - "Woody took on "The Wall"!  Big Woody was gettin a little winded and more than a little hungry  so you guessed it . Woody being the Big Spender that he is decided that He and Mrs Woody should get a bite to eat!
                                                                    So over to the Hoot and Scoot they headed for a night of fine dinin!                                                                   
Big Woody not being as young as He once was decided not to hang out with the rest of the class as it was creepin on 7:00pm & he was plum tuckered out plus Final Exams were fast approaching for this Super Cramned Course so at Mrs. Woody's incouraging he decided to call it a night, plus he wanted to bring his A+ game to  the "Finals" ! The Big Day had come ( pics below )  
As you can see Woody and the other "Boarders" were all smiles before Instructure passed out the Final Exam !    Well , Woody thinks he did OK on it but there were a couple of tough questions like what is the absolute best lubricant to use on titanium bearings, and who was the best in USA in 1999 in Free-stylin ? But all in all Woody is confident ; as they say " Time will Tell " !  Well Big Woody just received his final grade and well   YES it was an A+ plus Woody was voted as "Most Likely To Succeed"   All in All  just like those New England Patriots , Big Woody just keeps right on Rolling Along!

                                                                    Merry Christmas   from Mr & Mrs Woody
PS      Woody has decided to share his talents so he is tutoring his best friend on all that he has learned at Keene State College - Boarding 101    ( pic below)
Ta ta for now.  Big Woodys got to oil his boards !!!      :)