Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The Calm Before The Storm"

Tiss the slow season on the Mountain - while should I say the  " Time to catch your breath Season ". It has been nice; pretty quite; except for the middle of the night health care phone-calls and numerous trips to Doctors and ER..  Mr & Mrs Woody have gotten a bunch of bike rides & numerous walks in several locations. It has been really a beautiful mild fall season one to cherish & enjoy cuz winter is coming! Those smiles that you see on our faces; hopefully will still be there in Mid Febuary ( after back to back blizzards & shoveling the driveway,roofs,&deck) tiss the season to be jolly!
While next week is Thanksgiving and thus; inevibally life will speed up! In an attempt to keep the pace  somewhat under control Mr & Mrs Woody have decided to do Thanksgiving Dinner out this year - The Summit - should be an exciting change of pace! Woody will keep you posted on things.( such as menu - People in attendance; etc. ) Thanksgiving this year will have us somewhat scattered about as not all will be able to attend to proceedings at the  Summit but allas such is life !  Our local teams  Patriots & Celtics are off to great starts and both will be hard to beat come playoff time. Pats have Brady & Celtics have Rondo both the best at their positions in their  particular  Sport !  College Hoops has started so we are watching William & Mary ( 0&2 out of the gate but after Syr. game, things will hopefully pick up) & of course N.D. scores regulary & lets hope there is some excitement ahead on both fronts!
Mrs Woody has started getting in the "Christmas Spirit" with shopping and making stuff & Big Woody even bought 1 present himself for lillie ( might not be able to wait & may be birthday present instead)!
In case you are wondering yes the leaves are all cleaned up & we have got the Moose Mountain ready for Winter - Mr & Mrs Woody even pick up each leave that we find on the ground as we are walking up & down the driveway on our walks! ( You know how Mrs Woody can't stand having even a leaf on the property!)    :)     Well, as they say  "Let it Snow"             Please -  Not Yet    The
Woody Files will return after Turkey Day              Bye Bye for Now !
                                                      Woody     :)


  1. It is good to hear a Woody update...and I must admit I am quite curious of what this present that you got Lillie is! Lillie is quite excited for her trip up there for her birthday. She has been asking about Mimi and Papa quite a bit lately. We will have to do webcams again maybe tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Oh boy-hope you've already gotten a present for me too! We all know that you buy all the good Christmas presents, not Mrs. Woody!


  3. hahahaha...i'm sure mrs woody is veryyy concerned with the state of the driveway! i can't wait to see what you got lillie