Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Near Misses On The Mtn. Today !

When I got home from work about 4:00 I saw 1 of the Bigger Brown Woodchucks out back having a late lunch or early supper ( maybe just a snack ) and I got the gun but sure enough I didn't even get the bullet in the chamber & he was under the deck like 7th graders evaculate there class room during a fire drill! So I went to mowing the lawn and sure enough When I was doing the side bank ( on my zero turn ) Woody taunted me by coming to the crest of the hill & a swear it looked like a grin ! - Sun was shining and it was my bad eye so I can't prove it But I am calling it a taunt & am planning on taking the proper course of action ! Stay tuned.
2nd near miss, was tonight      Mr & Mrs  Woody went out on a double date for their " Date Night "
Jennifer & Lillie accompanied us. We went to my Favorite place Panaras , the grilled cheese looked like it was made by a 2nd grader but oh well - we did have an enjoyable time in Keene walking off all those calories  & bites of the formentioned cheese thing. I had told Jen to bring her camera with zoom lens for the Blue Herrons. On way they were out but  on way back.  BONNAZA !!!    There they were both in the nest Jennifer had camera ready but just like Woody they somehow both  " Flew The Coop " before we could get that ellusive  Picture Of The Year    but as we all know       There is always Tommorow! So as they say on Moose Mtn.           You snooze   You  Loose         In other words stay gluded to THE Woody Files !!!

                                        Sianora     :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silver Woody

There was a "Silver Woody " sighting early today. 1st time that I have seen gramps in a couple of months. He is extremely crafty & ellusive - thus that is why he looks like he is on break from the Woody Senior Center. He was 100 yards or so away over by the well - Obviously my blood started flowing! Problem - Thane ( Fairpoint repair man was sitting at our computer ) that has big bay window that looked out to were Mr Retireee was feasting. So I tried to quietly close the shade so that I could try & get a long shot ( without an audiance ) not knowing  Thanes feelings about woody  I decided to put the shade down but when I got the shade to half mask The old fart moved ( silver woody that is) like he heard someone yell "Food Cart " . As you guessed Silver Woody is still on the loose. Maybe Tommorow !!!

Cruisen on Moose Mtn. looking for  "The Wild  Life"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another 1 bites the dust !

        I know it has been a couple of days & and there are many waiting with baited breath for another entry form "The Woody Files " while waite no mo! 
        I prefer having pictures to illustrate life according to Pat - but cuz I am a worse photografer than I am a writer, or for that matter as hard as it is to believe a speller - I dont have as many pics as I would like. Occasionally thou Mrs. Woody &/or Jennifer help out. Each morning for the last week or so a Big Hawk is sitting on the big birdhouse on the driveway cathing his fill of the field mice ( since haying has been done ) but my pics - it looks more like a robin but for now you will have to use your imagination or the 2 Blue Herrons nesting at the swamp ( Until I get a voulenteer ) you will have to get a copy of National Geographic or watch Wild Kingdom if you want to see this type of beauty!
       But Mrs. Woody was quick this evening to bring my attention to the fact that a second generation Woody was out on the side lawn. Well the call to duty arose me from my newspaper & coffee. Yes, it true ,   thus  "Another 1 Bites The Dust "

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mowing is done till fall !

Kabota & moon light & we got fields done .
Exmark Zero Turn does the job for the lawn.
Today is Saturday & it is hot &humid on Moose Mtn. 88 as of 3:00. But with the fans & keeping things closed up, not bad inside. The big red tailed hawk has been sittng most of the day down on bottom of drive on big birdhouse cathing field mice from recent cutting. Will try & get someone who is better with camera to get picture (maybe Lillie when she gets up from nap) ? Blue Herrons seen doing their flyover this morning, not sure if Mrs. Woody has commissioned them or not. Maybe I will get a picture of them also but I know if I post them both in the same day my computer might be hit with a meltdown from all the blog hits that it could cause. Well I must run along & check my tempiture gauges as it might be over 90 by now! Till tommorrow remember "Keep On Blogging Along"!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Spending the day with Lillie"

Mr & Mrs. Woody took Lillie to the Friendly Farm in Dublin she loved it. she was right at home with the chickens & goats. She fed them & chased them around. I am now ready for bed cuz Lillie has more energy than The Big Woody !
I'm in Control !
Lillie really liked Baaing back & forth with these guys.

I'm surrounded !

Whats under here?

2 Beautifull People

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mowing on Moose Mtn

The heat abated somewhat today so after supper it was time to get back on tracktor & resume mowing the back 40! Was making my 1st trip around the perrimitor when I spotted a small fawn but cuz I didn't have my camera you loose ( sorry maybe next time) ! Not much else to report O ya this morning a big red tail hawk was catching mice in the new cut field in front of the house , I had Deer Lillie with me & she was very interested as she loves " Birdies " as one could tell from the Seagul pics in an earlier blog, but I refrained from letting her use the binoculars as I thought it might be a little early for a survival of the fittest leason. Well till next time enjoy your evening!
Ta Ta 4 now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 3 on Moose Mtn.

Deer having Breakfeast !
Trying to find that pot of gold!

Pretty slow day on the mountain today! no woody sightings. Woke up as usual about 5:30 to deer grazing on front side hill. Have been brush-hogging & guys are haying the fields so wild life are real easy to spot ( especially with my 1 keen eye ). Was gone from the Mtn. a good part of the day but when I got home just before supper I counted over 30 turkeys on our lawn ( Lillie was somewhat inpressed). Hope to have more to report tommorow.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Close Encounter with Woody #2

Mr & Mrs Woody

Woody almost bags another one ! Big happenins on Moose Mtn. / I was started down from the Mtn Top in the Passat & one of the older generation woodchucks started across the driveway at the sharp corner , I hesitated for a split second before I gunned it & I think I might have gotten a piece of his tail but woody got away to life another day! It would have made for a great photo shot but o well - all my followers will have to settle for a one more beach shot. Till tommorrow sweet dreams !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Woody Goes to "The Beach"

I decided to celibrate after bagging Woody #1 by taking some much needed R & R up at Camp Ellis. I would like 2 post some pics of the vay - k put I am just a novice at this blogging stuff! But we did have a very good time even managed to get the garage cleaned up - a project that was about ten years overdue! ( Josh & Jason helped also) We had probably the best weather possible as it was breaking all heat records at home but was very enjoyable on the coast! Didn't get everthing done that I wanted like taking Lillie onsome rides up at old Orchad or taking her over to Chucks to see his 3 small dogs but next time. Also we missed Danski as see was in Virginia holding down the fort.

Lillie constantly wants to kiss Pappa Moose!

& Momma Moose 2

Lillie was pretty excided with her trackball ability!

Feed the birds Toppins !

Lillie washing down her shrimp with some Chocolate Milk

Thursday, July 8, 2010