Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Black Beauty visits Moose Mtn."

Well it happened oh so suddenly; as most great momments do. Let me explain, I was up in the bedroom, changing for my annual Kurn Hattin business meeting ( deciding on which of my huge selection of dress pants to wear) & handling a real estate call , when I turned to go back to my closet when out the window I saw it just stepping out from the woods unto the lawn ( far corner back yard) between the well cap & the last bird house. Yes you have guessed it;  It was "Black Beauty" no not the horse but in fact an Unbelivable big black bear ! AS soon as I saw it he must have sensed "Big Woody" ; and who knows maybe the woodchucks have been a talkin as there has not been a woody sighting in 6 weeks on the Mtn. but back to the "Main Event" For whatever reason he decided to show off & show Big Woody that there would be no shooting of any kind ( camera or gun ). Big Woody yelled to Mrs Woody ( in school room) & she was able to enjoy the event as well!
A couple of things really stick out vividly from this incounter with " Black Beauty "
1) This bear was the most gorgeous shade of black that you can imagine black as black could be & its coat was shiny, almost alluminating.   and
2) This bear was taking no chances that Big Woody was in a foul mood ( obviously hasn't been keeping up with the blog - Woody trying to be nice )!  or maybe it thought that I was sitting with gun loaded & waiting in the wings!      But back to point #2 - This bear could run - he decided to book it & put on a show. He certainly did as he looked like he was shot from a canon!  Reminded me of the line from - Sugarlands  " Twice The Speed of Life " CD  you know the one about         'all you see is   arses & elbows' ( enough of the racy stuff Lillie might be reading this.   
Horse Racing has a saying " The fastest 2 min in sports  "  while " Black Beauty " certainly reflected that & then some. Well needless to say the heart was a pumpen & Mr & Mrs Woody were treated to something special on the Mtn.     

Closing Thoughts on "The Event"  Just like that day in Sept 1967 when Rico caught the little pop up & the Red Sox     won the pennant     I will remember Sept 22, 2010 when Black Beauty decided to put on a private show for Mr & Mrs Woody in the Thearter known as Moose Mtn.
Who knows what today will bring!
                                                              Ta Ta 4 now,
                                                                                     Big Woody

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Big Woody - Has Been Wicked Busy"

Just a quick shout out to all the Woody Groupies out there ! I have been hearing some rumblings that some think maybe Mr & Mrs Woody are of vacationing on the coast, or just kicking back on  "The Mountain" but NOT TRUE - things have been going double time on 2 fronts.
#1) The Health Care portion of Woody's life has ramped up to the    AUTO BOND LEVEL (  Which 4 the non car fanatics - means  SUPER FAST ! Could not even begin to explain but lets just say  Woody is on a 1st name basis with ALL personel at  the Keene Medical Emergeny Unit & I do mean all employees. As a matter of fact I received a phone call from a security cop late yesterday afternoon : wandering if everything was alright cuz he hadn't seen me since 10:00 am .
                                                 And Remember Woody the Real Estate Guru  
#2) R. E.    while somehow we managed to put 2 things under contract yesterday & get 2 listings and still find time for a social function at Locust Lane last night! 2 say that Big Woody has been on the "Fast Track" would be an understatement!

                                               But All Is NOt Lost
#3) Mrs. Woody has been there to keep everthing comming up rosses! Even though she has been on the same track   ( differant circumstances ) - BUT ALAS  -  IT IS DATE NIGHT  ON THE MOUNTAIN !!!

               ALL IS WELL             ta ta 4 now !                                 Woody :)

                                            Heard the Sun might come out later today!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jamie Lou - Better known as "The Winner"

Yes it is offical Jamie has been declared winner of the "Turkey Day Menu" contest.
After much time & deliberation she choose 42 TD passes & the final results were 39.
Jamie easily claimed the title
; some have said she that they feel it was not a fair contest as Jamie had a vested interest in this particular contest ( cuz of her eating habits)  But I say "All is fair in love & war & diet ".
Concrats go out to Jamie & her husband Joshua ( he won't have to hear how close she came to winning)
And dont worry Jams I will be preparring the Vegan Menu myself on those steril countertops!!!

        Big Woody    :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Final Choices 4 Menu"

Things are happening on Moose Mountain;  Acorns are afallen fast & furiuos,leaves are changing colors, temperatures are adroppen! Big Woody thinks we are going to have an early winter ( so much for global warming ) ! This means that Turkey Day will be here before 1 knows it. So we will be posting the last of the Dinner Menu items today. Some of the Coniferous Quest have raised the issue that they believe Mr & Mrs Woody are playing favorites with the Vegan side of the menu; so in all fairness we have decided to be flexible ( a traight that has been standard opperating procedure for "Big Woody" ) thus we have added a couple other choices to the main dish . In the spirit of Fairness here we go



Remember only 3 picks to the eventual winner!            Below final 3 Vegan Choices.



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Contest 4 Turkey Day Menu"

I have decided   ( after much mental deliberation ) 2 go with my 1st instincts and go with a contest using the 1st week of the   " NFL Season "  as our vocal point!  Yes thats correct  " The Season" kicks off   Thursday Night. So take a few minutes & think NFL .  OK that is probably long enough. Here is how we will run it.

   1)  how many TDs will be gotten in               Week #1 - Thru the Air

in other words  the total number of touchdown passes completed by all the teams in the 1st week of the season!
  And even thou this is highly unlikely    in the event of a tie        #2)  the tiebreaker will be how many rushing TDs will be scored by all the teams in week #1

The Winner will be      " Crowned a week from Tuesday "   so break out those calculaters & slide rulers & email  me  asap    
Remember because kickoff is Thursday  Night           get your picks in early !

Ground Rules 4 Picks      #1)  All picks must be sent in Marked  Attention  " Big Woody "
                                      #2) Picks must come into the address
                                      # 3 All fans of  " the Woody Files" are elligable
                                      #4) One guess per contestant.
                                      #5) picks must be e-mailed before toe makes contact with football on inugerable opening Kickoff  this Thursday Night
                                      #6) All picks are final
                                      #7) You may get help from anyone or anything you would like!
                                      #8) Closest to the correct total wins.

Big Woody says good luck !       Above  one can see how long & serious I  deliberated  over the sellection process of    " The Contest " !!!