Friday, February 21, 2014


The Woody saga marches on.  I will start at the beginning on Tuesday February 11th.  I decided it was time to go back to the Y and get the Woody Machine back into peak running performance.  I arrived at the Keene Y at 10:32am and started with the stationary bike (no problem)  After 20 minutes of pure boredom  I progressed to the treadmill for another 20 minutes.  15 minutes in and was bored stiff, so I thought "what the heck" my heel spurs and plantar fasciitis that had kept me from running for the last 7 years were far in my rear view mirror, so we speeded the bad puppy up and Woody was back running with the wind!  
After that rush of adrenaline I then quickly went thru all the weight lifting stations and much to my surprise I was putting on quite the show.  Many were oohing and ahhing and I even spotted one person trying to sneakily take pictures with their phone.  To say I was feeling pretty good would be an understatement. I decided that I had created enough excitement so I then proceeded into the track area (overlooks the basketball court) for some stretching of Woody's now heavily tuned physique!

While stretching, Woody noticed an open hoop so he then decided  Let's see if Woody can still hit the sky hook from deep in the corner.  He  no sooner got down to the court when  somebody yelled, Hey, do you wanna play?  And that was all it took.  It was like the call of the wild to a young buck!  SURE, I said.  So, lo and behold, Woody was back running free and easy.  Game 1 went well but Woody quickly figured out these guys have no idea who Woody was and the extent of his game because for all practical purposes it felt like they were playing keep away.

Game 2 started and another player showed up and Woody was left out of the 8 man roster.  No problem.  This would allow Woody to get a few shots up on the side hoop to get some of the rust off his game.

Game 3 started and Woody was back in again, but much more determined and with a better game plan.  Woody decided to take it slow and easy but to start handling the ball some.  Woody was able to haul down a couple of defensive boards and instead of passing the ball off and never seeing it again, decided to bring the ball up the court and initiate the offense himself.   Woody made back to back picture pretty passes that led to easy layups.  All of a sudden high fives, chest bumps, and Woody was now beginning to be accepted.  Next trip down the court cemented Woody's position with the group.  The ball was on the wing and Woody ran the baseline and received  his first pass of the day and what happened next was throwback Woody - an over the head underhand scoop with english on it - nothing but net basket that brought cheers from not only the players, but the Special Olympics group on Court 2 who absolutely went bonkers!  Woody was back!  Next trip down Woody received his second pass of the day and instantly jacked up a long three, and it rattled in and then out.  But it was apparent Woody had game!

Lo and behold just when it seemed like all was well and Woody would be going over to Ted's Sport + Shoe store for a new set of hoop apparel,  IT happened.

Woody was posting up and he received his 3rd straight pass and with a little shake + bake, had a clear path to the hoop for an underhand scoop layup when someone kicked Woody in the left calf. (or so he thought) Woody barely got the layup off and he thought he had pulled a calf muscle.  Woody tried to walk it off but no luck.  He had all he could do to hobble out of the gym so he left at 1:07pm  hoping he would feel better after getting home.

Wednesday was spent at home prepping for  colonoscopy.  Some know how much fun that is!  And if you don't know, you will soon enough!  Thursday was procedure day. (good news Woody was clean as a whistle :))  Thursday afternoon thru Friday were spent trying to plow and shovel from an 18 inch nor'easter.  Needless to say by the time we got to the end of Friday Mr. + Mrs. Woody were physically beat.  Woody was now dragging leg and Mrs. Woody was in agony.  Woody decided it was time to see the doctor.  After calling around he got an appointment for Monday in Bratt.

Woody gets news -  ruptured achilles tendon.  Not only would Woody's comeback be put on hold, but it looks like Woody might be put out to pasture when it's all said and done.

Below is Woody  blissfully coming out of surgery.  It is reported that Mrs. Woody heard him humming the old Beatles tune, "I get high with a little help from my friends"

Woody went with the blue cast, to keep with his ever styling' sense of fashion!!!!

It is safe to say that Woody will be chillin' with not too many smiles for the next 3-6 months, unless Mrs. Woody decides to bring him some more of those nice warm blankets from the hospital  so he can be snug as a bug in a rug, along with some of her famous college "brownies."

Ta Ta for now!