Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Moose Mtn. Under Siege"

At 1st glance one might think; oh how beautiful ! And yes it is, but look more closely & think a little out of the box and one might realize just how deep that snow really is. The swing on Moose Mtn. was  hung a few years back, not for small children,  but primarily for 3 young ladies ranging from 20 to 25 years old.
                       Yeh!  Now you are getting the drift! The Moose Mt. Sign hangs from the iron hanger at approx. 6 feet high. To say that the snow has reached beyond  Big Woody's  confort zone  is an understatement !                                            
Neighbors are asking if they can use the driveway for a Luge Run in preperation for Keene Special Olympics ( presently under consideration by Mr & Mrs Woody ) ; we are thinking about holding out for special seeding in the dual seniors division for granting permission !

Big Woody has had his hands full keeping everthing  clear & open for business as usual. Although even Big Woody has his limits to his patience & sense of enough is enough! It gets harder & harder to throw that snow up & over. But the Meter reader & oil man certainly appreciate it

Now to all those who are really with it ; what do you notice about this picture ? If you guessed that this is the only clear driveway in New Hampshire & possibly New England you are absolutely correct!. Anyone who has ever lifted a shoval on  Moose Mtn.. can not only imagine how many shoval fulls of snow have been removed but they probably are rejoicing that they have made no recent trips to the Mtn.  

Yes now you are finally getting the picture. This has been one heck of a winter & Big Woody is sick & tired of it. Mr & Mrs Woody have started packing; so all the little Woodchucks need to get their stuff in order as there will be positively no more "Winters in Wonderland " as Woody is about dead!  We will be spending next winter on FLAT GROUND !!!!         :)